Who Is Tampering With God's Weather?



Three, way ahead of their time,  1983 radio programs by Pastor Sheldon Emry.


Why does the sky looks different than in the past?
Or haven't you noticed?

Why all the bad weather?

Why a very great increase in tornadoes?


In 1983 Pastor Emry delivered a series of radio programs titled

"Who Is Tampering With God's Weather?"

If you do not hear any sound click here. Introduction - 2 minutes

Also in this report.

Why the sky looks different. Why all the bad weather.

Why a great increase in tornadoes in The United States

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Click here for Radio Program 1 - 22 minutes

Portions of the radio programs such as old mailing addresses and literature offers have been deleted. Some of the literature mentioned on the radio in 1983 is no longer available. Other items are available here. The Bible verses that Pastor Emry quotes in the radio programs are printed below.

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