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Bible Knowledge
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'Laws, Statutes and Judgments' (defined)

Levitical Priesthood of Tennessee

Loving v. Virginia (7th Commandment made void by 14th Amendment)

Mark of the Beast  (v. The Mark of God)

Mark of The Beast (Sermon)

Mark of God

Marriage and Polygamy

Marriage a Contract of Obedience and Protection

Marriage and the Joke Book



Community Money
Money -Billion$ for the Banker$ Debt$ for the People
Money, The Bible and
Money Problems (Paul's)
How to Monetize a Bridge   (Printer friendly - click here for PDF)
Money System, Nehemiah and the prophets on the
Money System, cartoon
Interest on Money (Radio program)
Interest on Money
Interest on Money (Did Jesus approve?)

Moses First Wife

Moses Horns

Moses on Supreme Court Building

Mosaic in the United States Capitol Building


The Secret Power of Music 
American Pie (The song claims to be copyrighted by Yahweh) (Click here for PDF)

Inside Rock Music   

$10,000 For a Penny
God Save America Again
I Remember When
This Old Wheel
Eve of Destruction
I Walk the Line
I Know We Are Israel

Backside of 40
Christian Soldier
I Saw The Light
It's Only Make Believe
Deuteronomy 28:15-68 Music

We're Busted
Blame God

Murder (Cartoon)

My country, 'tis of thee,

National Song

Noah's Flood

91st Days

Office Holders, most powerful

Old Covenant, a marriage contract of obedience and protection

One Blood (Book review)

Our Sin is Their Bread and Butter

Parables, America in the Kingdom (Printer friendly - click here for PDF)

Parables, slothful servant

Palpatine, Emperor (Star Wars)


Passover, When NOT to keep


Paul and The Law (Just where did Paul say The Ten Commandments  were done away?)
The Covenants of the Old Testament
Paul and the Law in 1 Corinthians 6
Paul and the Law in 1 Corinthians 9
Paul and the Law in Romans
Paul and the Law in Galatians
Paul and the Law in Philippians
Paul and the Law in Timothy
Paul and the Law in Titus
Paul and the Law in Colossians
Paul and the Law in Hebrews
Romans 9,10 and 11


Pictures of  the Ten Commandments in Government Buildings



Prayer, Imprecatory (Printer friendly - click here for PDF)
Prayer, Legislators
Prayer, Lords
Prayer, Political
Unanswered Prayer


Public Law 97-280

Public office, qualifications for

Public Speaking and James 3

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