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Bible Knowledge
 not found in 501c3 churches,
public schools or on TV

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71% of the Bible is about government 

501(c)3 churches   What is a 501C3 Church? Do you know?   

Abortion (Radio program)

Abortion   (In the Book of Revelation)


We and They - Two United States (A Nation within a Nation)
America in the Bible (Greatest Bible Discovery of Our Age)
America is true Israel (Not a new doctrine)
America Foretold In The Holy Scriptures
American's Christian History (Radio)
America (Christian History of The United States)
America is a Bible Land
American Revolution was not a Rebellion
American View (America is God's new Israel)
America's name
America in the Kingdom Parables
American Pie (The song claims to be copyrighted by Yahweh) (Click here for PDF)
God Save America Again 
United States in Joel (Printer friendly - click here for PDF)
The United States in Zephaniah
Lost Ten Tribes Found (Printer friendly - click here for PDF)
Romans 9,10 and 11
America The Conquered
Dividing Up America  Indian and Mexican land claims.
The Sheldon Emry Memorial Library. Hundreds of church sermons and radio programs, many about America in the Bible.
Mexican and Indian Land Claims in The United States

Angels (Guardian) (Printer friendly - click here for PDF)

Asset Forfeiture Laws

Atonement, Feast of

Baal worship defined

Balaam, Doctrine of  (An ancient weapon used against present day America)

Balaam the Prophet

Bible Law Course on the Internet.

Bible Law Course on paper.

Bible, written by politicians

Bible Course for Teenagers

Bible, Changing the  (Why would anyone want to change the Bible?)

Bible, The Living

Gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke, John in parallel. With O.T. references and showing New Age Translation changes.

America in the Bible (Greatest Bible Discovery of Our Age)

America is a Bible Land

Books (free)

Born Again (Ye Must Be) A false doctrine used since 543 A.D. to maintain power over people.

Calendars (The Two Calendars of the Bible)

Cain - What happened to Cain?

Capital Punishment

Corporal Punishment (Spanking)

Christianity Religion of the West

Christianity (True History)

Church Services  Live every Sunday

Christian History of The United States

Clothing (Bible Law on  clothing and personal appearance)

Clouds of Heaven (What need does God have for a Starship?)

(Ten) Commandments in Government Buildings

(Ten) Commandments: a part of America's legal system for almost 400 years!

Commandments Made Void by Court Decisions

Commandments (The Satanic reason for the removal of The Ten Commandments from public places)

The Second Commandment (It is about statutes, not statues.)

Congregation of The Lord (Deuteronomy 23 and Numbers 16)

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II  (over modern day true Israel)

Covenants, Old and New

Covenant, Abrahamic

Coveting, Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife

Coveting, Asset Forfeiture Laws

Daniel, The Book of

Daniel's Fifth Kingdom (America)

(The) Day of the Lord

Death of the West

Defeat without a fight.

Deliverer (The End Time)

Deliverance (Preparation for)

Diet Wars Which diet is best?

Disputes between Christians

Divorce and Remarriage

Draft, Military, Bible Law on

Doublespeak, Love, hate and

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